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Dear John...

I'm in love :D

Dear John, based of the novel by Nicholas Sparks, the author that brought us The Notebook.

Stars Channing Tatum and Amanda Seyfried, and I cannot wait until it is released in Australia. I think Amanda is a gorgeous and talented actress, and have enjoyed her on screen since Veronica Mars, although she was amazing in Mamma Mia, and continues to be amazing in Big Love. I've heard a lot about Dear John, specially with various sightings of Channing and Amanda together and through People Magazine's website, but I just went onto iTunes and found the trailer and homg!

Dear John,
Two weeks together. That's all it took. Two weeks for me to fall in love with you, now we have one year apart. But what's one year apart after two weeks like that together?

It looks like it will be another epic lovestory, and I really want to find the book. [[ NTS: go into city tomorrow ]] But seeing the trailer has somehow reminded me of other love stories, and stories i have yet to write or finish.

I realised I have THREE un-started Sea Patrol fics, which all have plots of some kind yet not written, a Puckleberry fic, which has about a paragraph written in late december and not touched since, and a very sad Veronica Mars fic which I started at the beginning of 08 and has just lost its forward momentum.

I feel like a bad jew mother.

I have 2 months until GLEE comes back, a month until Gossip Girl, and about 2 weeks until Uni starts again. Life sucks. lol, not really.

WATCH OUT FOR THIS MOVIE!! Dear John. I know I will be.

Goodnight my chicas

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