e-ellens (breathemusique) wrote,

urgh; damaged; epic fail

How can i even speak at the moment?! do you want to  hear how my morning has gone? Currently is is 9:15am.

Sooo, it started at 4:30 this morning, when my alarm went off. I had to take my sister to the airport so she could catch a plane up north for a wedding. That was, mind you, after i only fell asleep at 2:30am. crazy.

Then, as we were waiting at the roundabout to turn onto Airport drive, my car just died. LIke, litterally! lights were flickering and no acceleration. I was at the front of the lane (BLOCKING THE LANE), so needless to say, many cars were angry at  me.

My sister called RACQ as i was turning on hazzard lights. she ended up getting in a cab at the lights so she could make her plane.

That was at about 5am.

6am rolled around and the towtruck arrived. Luckily, about 40mins earilier, a very nice gentleman helped me push the car onto a traffic island so that it was out of the way. Anyway, towtruck came, took me to a nearby shopping centre and called an racq service van to check the car out.

As i was waiting for the service van, i called my daddy; he usually fixes my car, and would know whats wrong, but he lives about 8hrs drive north of me now. I explained what happened, and he said it was most likely the alternator. Guess what? he was right. RACQ guy gave me 10 points for guessing the problem correctly :D

So, it was about 6:45am and i was freezing. Since i wasnt expecting to get out of the car, i just had a couple of layered shirts (one three quarter sleeves, one a tshirt) and my short short pyjama pants on. Idiotic, right? specially since its winter and doesnt get much warmer than 20degrees celcius. I got out of my car and had to wait for a Kmart Tyre and Auto shop to open, so i went for a walk around the shopping centre. Got some mcdonalds for breakfast, but didnt feel like eating much. By that stage i was exhausted, mentally and emotionally drained.

Stayed int he nice warmth that was mcdonalds til about 7:45am. Walked back to my broken car and waited some more. Luckily i had my ipod and a book, otherwise i wouldve been screwed!! Eventually got into the Kmart at about 8:15, left my car and keys and caught a taxi home.

Just as i started writing this, i got a call from the Kmart people; they'll recondition my alternator and re-install for $280. not too great,but not bad. i just want my car back!! *sadface*

Now, its 9:26am. I think i might go grab some more food; maybe have a nice warm shower since i froze this morning. hopefully my car will be fixed by this afternoon. fingers crossed.

Peace and Love, ellie
Tags: broken, car, stream of consciousness

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