e-ellens (breathemusique) wrote,

three times a LADYYY

Hey there peeps :) hows it all going?

Well, i got my car back... only to find theres also a couple of other problems with it *sigh* never ending circle when a car is 19 years old!! :P Im just trying to not drive it much at this point. stupid car :P

I made a new Buffer banner, which i am pleased with :P its currently my signature on a forum.

And, it was made spur of the moment at about midnight after i saw one of the upcoming episodes. I quite literally shouted out in glee when the line 'ship's safe, Buffer's here!' was used. *wipes tear* brilliant, it was.

And now, its about 4:55pm on a Saturday afternoon. Not doing alot; mainly reading New Moon for the second time. somewhere between 2/3 and 3/4 through :) its not too bad. I might get back to it.

Peace and Love, ellie

Tags: fanart: sea patrol, stream of consciousness

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