life in cartoon motion || a little about ellen

Well, i must say... i created this account many a moon ago. Sad that im only just posting an entry now. I figure, i need some kind of outlet, and hey, i might just post some of my fanfictions and fan art and such on here too.

So, a little about myself:

My name is Ellen; although i get called 'Ellie' a bit too;
I live in QLD, Australia. Its cold here at the moment :P WOOH!! bring on winter, baby!
Im studying a Bachelor of Games and Interactive Entertainment at QUT. its fun.
Am wanting to become a computer animator || possibly working at Weta Digital or something similar. Big dreams, arent they :S
I ABSO-fucking-LUTELY looove reading!! 
such TV shows as Veronica Mars, Gossip Girl and Sea Patrol are some of my all time favourites at this point.
Music is almost my life. I love listening to music, and also love PLAYING music;
i can play around 10 different instruments including piano, flute, saxophone
i have recently been introduced to the band  The Academy Is... || i think they are amazing.
i *heart* the album 'Fast Times At Barrington High'
currently, i am writing a Sea Patrol fanficion/songfic-fiction based on said album; its Kate/Buffer all the way
Buffer is one of the sexiest men.
i have a thing for the rugged men || jack sparrow and house are definately sexy for some reason
i am majorly looking forward to the new fame movie; i even created some sweet as wallpapers

Well, thats all i can think about for the moment. hope you enjoy :)
peace and love, ellie